What do we mean by Infovalet?

The Information Valet Network markets and features software used for generating or accessing news, newsletters and topical feeds that are customized based upon user-defined profiles created, stored, edited (or deleted) with the consent of the individual.

In the white paper “From Paper to Persona,” we use the term: “information valet” or “infovalet.”  “Valet” may not yet be the perfect metaphor, it’s the best we’ve come up with to describe the change necessary for news organizations to morph and grow in the new news ecology of information abundance.

We don’t mean the car parker. We mean the king’s valet or concierge, the helping person who knows your interests and requirements and just quietly takes care of them. The term “information agent” was popular a
decade ago, but to me that sounds too much like a spy, and with the increased concern about privacy it seems the wrong metaphor now. And concierge, which might be better, is too long.   /   READ MORE

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